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History of Lincoln Steep Hill

Steep Hill is one of the most visited places in the city of Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England.

Steep Hill connects Lincoln Uphill to the town centre and retail centre which are on the level plain. It was formerly known as Ermine Street and is currently being maintained by the Lincolnshire County Council. It was built by the Romans to connect the different growing parts of Lincoln.

Steep Hill was named as such because the hill is quite difficult to ascend and descend, so much so that most people would have to stop once in a while to catch their breath.

Handrails were placed to help people as they go up and down the hill. Pushing a wheelchair, neither up nor down the hill, is not recommended.

Attractive shops and features found on Steep Hill

At the top of Steep Hill is the entrance to the Lincoln Cathedral. This cathedral is one of the earliest buildings in the Gothic English style. At the bottom of the hill is Well Lane, which leads to the Strait.

This attractive city climb has cobbled streets with streetlights of Victorian style and medieval half-timbered buildings.

People will not only enjoy the sights of the old structures, but also the numerous specialty stores such as book stores, sweet shops, gift shops, art galleries and more.

Of course, visitors will also find brand and local name retail stores. Shopping on Steep Hill is more of a recreational activity with shoppers going in and out of the stores. Aside from shopping venues, Steep Hill has a residential area as well.

Below are lists of shops and venues on Steep Hill:

    • Retail and Gift Shops
    • Ancient World
    • Cahoots
    • Cahoots for Men
    • Coco
    • Discount Dressing
    • Encore
    • Jelly
    • Lapid Art
    • Mercury
    • Mini-Cahoots
    • No 9 Paws for Thought
    • Rainbow Angels
    • River Trees
    • The Kensington
    • Timepiece Repairs
    • Art Galleries, Artists and Illustrators
    • Aviation Art Studio
    • Marine & Wildlife Studio
    • Bookshops
    • Harlequin Galleries
    • Jews Court Bookshop
    • Reader’s Rest
    • SPCK Bookshop
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Pub
    • Imperial Teas of Lincoln
    • Lesley’s On The Hill
    • Magna Carta Pub
    • Pimento
    • The Green Cottage Tearooms
    • Wig & Mitre
    • Wines & Spirit
    • House of Wines
    • Steep Hill Wines
    • Antique
    • Dorrian Lamberts
    • Craft Center
    • Harding House Gallery Ltd
    • Confectionery
    • Carousel
    • Ye Ole Tuckshop
    • Florist
    • The Arbour

The Academy of Urbanism chose Steep Hill as one of the three streets to promote best practice in planning and urbanism.

The other two streets were Byres Road in Glasgow and Cockburn in Edinburgh. Steep Hill was crowned the greatest street of Britain and this award surely made Steep Hill one of the most popular streets in Lincoln.

Every day, thousands tourists and locals would visit the place.

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